Successful 22nd Single-Cell Center Heidelberg Meeting

On Thursday, December 14th, the Single Cell Center Heidelberg hosted the 22nd Single Cell Meeting, bringing together 120 participants from 11 institutes in the Rhein-Neckar area.

The meeting, organized by Eileen Furlong, Karsten Rippe, Josephine Bageritz, Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Charles Girardot, and Natalia Gabrielli, promoted the exchange of experimental and computational expertise in the field of single cell and spatial omics.

Four external speakers, Bo Wang, Elisabetta Mereu, Simone Picelli, and Fabian Coscia, shared their latest research on topics spanning from evolutionary studies to applications in disease contexts and method development. Their presentations provided valuable insights and sparked engaging discussions, further fueling the progress of the single cell field.

In addition to the talks, the meeting featured hands-on scientific skills workshops for PhD students and postdocs. Thirty-two students participated in the career development workshops facilitated by Mertens & Schiller. Supported by the SCiNetID initiative, these workshops provided invaluable guidance and insights into the topics of project management, advanced communication and networking.

Overall, the 22nd Single Cell Meeting was a productive and enriching event, thanks to the involvement and contributions of all attendees. We look forward to future gatherings that will continue to advance our understanding of single cell research.

See you in our next meeting at COS (nearby BioQuant building).

Save the date: 23rd Single-Cell Center HD Meeting on 21/3/2024

Happy NEW YEAR to all from the Single-Cell Center!

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